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Workshop New Cooking Bag

The New Cooking bag team consists of twelve workers: nine women and three young men. Two of them are students graduating from the Special School. Two hearing impaired young men are part of the team temporarily to gain some work experience and invest in their future lives. Two men of the Tuma Viela team are regularly put to work picking orders and taking the NCBs to different bus stations. They work on the logistics, making it possible to distribute the NCB's across the whole of Ghana.
A lot of dust comes from working with kapok, so we have a special room in the workshop for filling the New Cooking Bags with kapok.
For every worker, four NCBs per day can be produced. Everyone has their own task within the production process.

New Cooking Bag has taken up residence in a beautiful new workshop, about 10 minutes going from the Tuma Viela workshop. The workshop is housed in a self-contained, large house, surrounded by a walled-in garden. It has a large storage room for finished NCBs, a space for cutting the NCB's, a kapok room, several storage rooms for kapok, a kitchen and toilets. Our storage room for fabrics also serves as an office.

There is a separate room for the ladies of Reusable Care Creations and a large hall where the New Cooking Bags are sewn. Besides all that, we also use the veranda a lot. It's a great place for dusting off the NCBs and getting them ready to be shipped.

We use hand sewing machines or sewing machines operated with a foot pedal. That way, we are not dependant on electricity and the power cuts that happen regularly here.

We are getting ever more skilled and we keep learning from each other.

The workshop could be created thanks to sponsors from the Netherlands.
 Russia Bungalows
The workshop is located in one of the newer areas of Tamale, called Russia Bungalows. This neighbourhood of bungalows built on spacious plots originates from around 40 years ago. With a good main road running along it, the workshop is situated on an excellent location.
 Reusable Care Creations
The staff in our workshop also includes two women who started our new project, Reusable Care Creations. They develop washable nappies and washable sanitary towels.