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Sponsoring New Cooking Bag

We hope the New Cooking Bag Project will appeal to many people. All donations and support are a great incentive to Ellen and her team.

Will you help us introduce this new way of cooking in Ghana?

The New Cooking Bag project benefits women and the environment by introducing a new way of cooking to Ghana. The project has concrete goals and visible results. The New Cooking Bag project is one of two projects set up by the Adwuma Ye Foundation.

The contribution we ask from women in Ghana for a New Cooking Bag is by no means enough to cover the costs of the project. This means we are continually looking for people and organisations willing to make a financial contribution to fund our activities.

We invite you to help by making a donation or a specific sponsor contribution.
You can do this in various ways:

A periodic contribution
Introducing this new way of cooking in the Tamale area is a long-term plan. We depend heavily on structural additional income. Without regular additional income, the New Cooking Bag project may not have a future. 
This is what we are trying to prevent. Will you help us? You can do this by making a monthly or quarterly contribution  to the Adwuma Ye bank account.

A single contribution
It is also possible to make a one-off contribution to the Adwuma Ye foundation. Be assured that every bit helps. You can also rest assure that all proceeds go directly to the New Cooking Bag project. 

For companies
Companies and NGO’s are invited to support our project. The procedure is the same as it is for individuals; you may support us by making periodic or single contributions.

A sponsorship
It is possible for companies and organizations to support one or more of our activities specifically. You can adopt a partial project, for example, providing education at schools. Also the maintenance fees of the workshop or the wages of a disabled employee qualify for this kind of sponsorship. Will you assist? Below you will find a few ways of doing so. If you need more information, please let us know.

ANBI status
The Adwuma Ye foundation is recognized by the tax-office as a ‘General Seemingly Beneficial Foundation’, and has the ANBI status, so important for charities. This means that donations and sponsorships can be deducted from various taxes. There are of course tax-office rules and regulations that apply.

How to make a donation
The account number to use for a deposit is:
ING bank account
NL56INGB0005154756 in the name of Stichting Adwuma Ye (the Adwuma Ye foundation)
Please specify whether you are making a single donation (‘Single donation New Cooking Bag) or whether you are making a periodic donation. If you are making periodic donations, please specify the period, for example ‘Monthly donation New Cooking Bag’.
Furthermore we would appreciate it if, apart from the donation, you could send us and email with address details and possibly additional information: the time span throughout which you wish to donate periodically and if you have any specific destination in mind for your donation.
You can also mail us with particular questions or wishes regarding a donation. Your mail can be sent to: info@adwuma-ye.com

For international banking (payments from banks outside of The Netherlands) the details are as followed:
IBAN number: NL56INGB0005154756

We hope that the information given on this website provides an accurate picture of the Tuma Viela project, and that consequently this will encourage you and many other people and organizations to help us. We would greatly appreciate it if you would send the link to this website to your family and friends.

 Local contribution
We find it incredibly important that over time, New Cooking Bag finds a structured place within the Ghanaian community. Ellen spends a great deal of time and energy trying to anchor the project locally.

If at any point in the future the project would be able to continue without subsidy, this would have our preference.