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Results New Cooking Bag

 The results

The New Cooking Bag team works hard to realize the goals of the project. There is a long way to go. Read here a few milestones that have already been reached and some news-items that indicate what we are doing.

Milestones 2017
Milestones 2016
Milestones 2015
Milestones 2014
 More and more users
New Cooking Bag has a growing number of enthusiastic users. Good for the people and good for the environment!

Total number of delivered
New Cooking Bags

20.000   08-2018
15.000   12-2016
10.000   03-2016
5.000   08-2015
1.000   01-2015
0   01-2014
The dish makes it easy and safe to lift and move the New Cooking Bag...

Recipe book

Although we focus on traditional local recipes for the time being, it would of course be great if a group of enthusiasts would feel like going a step further and experiment with recipes. With new recipes, using ingredients that could lead to surprising new flavours. Who knows, a group like that may get together in the future. I am sure curious and interested women, who enjoy cooking and would like to try new things, will step forward during our demonstrations and cooking classes. We may even make our own recipe book sometime. New Cooking Bag Recipes from Tamale, or something like that. Wouldn't that be great?