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Project New Cooking Bag

 The ambition
There is no need for us to teach the women here how to cook or to offer them new recipes. This is enough innovation on its own. We focus on the foods they know. We want the food prepared in the New Cooking Bag to be less time consuming, more healthy, less taxing on the environment, cheaper, tastier and safer.

10.000 New Cooking Bags means that on top of the seven very good reasons to use the New Cooking Bag, we would also save 17.000 trees…17.000! We should plant these just to show how much that is! As a constant reminder that a better environment starts at home!


Trees in the savannah around Tamale are sparse so we should be very environmentally conscious of them!


What we would like to achieve.
There are two things we want to achieve with this project. We would like for the New Cooking Bag to claim her spot in the cooking areas of the compounds and become a standard tool for more and more Ghanian women. We would also like to raise consciousness in the people of Tamale and surroundings, concerning the environment; try to make them see that something has to change. This will be a huge task.  

Our goal is to have introduced 10.000 New Cooking Bags in Tamale and its surrounding villages by the end of 2020. Distributed in such a way that they are actually and with regularity being put to use.
We shall evaluate these goals throughout the process and adapt them if necessary.

Bjella-Bjella….Step by step
As the locals say: ‘bjella-bjella…step by step, and that is how we are going to do it. We started with a long process of testing, trial cooking and manufacturing the New Cooking Bag in the best way possible. It was all new to the ladies involved in the project and they needed to become adept at using them. They needed to discover the advantages for themselves to then give demonstrations and educate other women we met at women’s meetings, at the market or at their compound.
We reach women via media, at events and in the workshop where they can follow the whole process start to finish: easy, healthy and tasty food, prepared in an environmentally friendly way!

Cooking with the New Cooking Bag saves time, time you can spend doing more valuable things….



We are looking for sponsors.
The contribution we can ask of the women in Ghana, isn’t nearly enough to cover the costs of the project. This means we are constantly in search of people and/or organizations who will help us by making a financial contribution and make our activities possible.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could keep the many trees in our landscape. Trees that children can climb in… trees that the weaver birds can continue to decorate with their elaborate nests, and where the elders can continue telling stories in their shade!