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The Adwuma Ye foundation

 Ellen Seldenthuis
“New Cooking Bag" is a project of the Adwuma Ye foundation.
It is an initiative of Ellen Seldenthuis, a Dutch woman who has lived and worked in Ghana since 2004.

“Adwuma Ye” means “Good work”. This is the name of the foundation she started when her activities in the Brong Ahafo region were developing. There she started a workshop for the mentally handicapped; coordinated an orphanage and hiked 1000 kilometers through Ghana to raise money for a local soccer team. When she moved to the Northern Region, she founded “Tuma Viela” in early 2010, a unique project for the people and the environment.
In 2014 she started the New Cooking Bag project.
  The Adwuma Ye foundation

The board of Adwuma Ye consists of volunteers. Their view point is to do good work without misappropriation of funds.

Adwuma Ye was founded in March of 2009.

The goals of the foundation:
Improving the capacity and independence of individuals or groups who wish to develop a local initiative in Ghana, this way enabling them to reach their goals and realizing their dreams, and everything directly or indirectly connected or contributory.

The Board
The board of the foundation consists of three members with each very specific tasks.

Daan Vermeer is the chairman of the foundation. He arranges coordinating tasks within the foundation and is the contact person for external organizations in The Netherlands.

Udo de Jong serves within the organization as treasurer.

Sytske Renkema serves within the organization as secretary.

The three board members do not receive payment for their involvement!
People are more than welcome to advice the board or offer their assistance as long as they are willing to do so on a voluntary basis.


Ellen Seldenthuis is responsible for the execution of concrete tasks in Ghana. She does this by shaping and organizing the projects. She is the direct contact person for people and organizations in Ghana. Ellen puts in the daily effort to realize the goals of the foundation.

The foundations fully relies on periodic or incidental contributions by sponsors and/or donations. This means a constant search for people and/or organizations who can make a financial contribution to enable the continuation of the foundation’s activities.

The foundation has an ANBI declaration. This means that donations can be deducted from certain taxes (rules and regulations apply).

General information
A short summary:

Adwuma Ye Foundation
Swarte Ruiters 4,
9351 NN  Leek
The Netherlands

Phone-number in The Netherlands: +31-594516658
Phone-number in The Netherlands
: +31-646103941

Phone-number in Ghana:
+233 50-3192442

E-mail: info@adwuma-ye.com

Chamber of Commerce
Registration number CoC: 01146770

Bank details
Account number: 5154756 - ING Bank Roden
IBAN number: NL56INGB0005154756
The BIC / SWIFT-code is:

 The motivation
The beauty of a country like Ghana is overshadowed by the enormous litter problem.
A country with such a varied landscape, from coastal areas with beautiful beaches to sloping hills, lakes, ancient rain forests, large rivers and dry savanna’s.

But everywhere you look, the first thing you notice, is garbage. You can’t ignore it because every step you take, it is there. Ellen experienced that personally in 2009, when she took on a 1000 kilometer hike, straight through Ghana, starting at the most Northern tip on the border with Burkina Faso, making her way to the most Southern coastal town.
During this hike, the idea of doing something with all this trash was born.... The water and ice cream sachets were the obvious choice, since they are the biggest problem and everyone contributes to the pollution by carelessly discarding these sachets left and right; in the streets, the gutters, the forests and the beach, giving the country the appearance of a giant landfill....

Ellen found a sponsor who was willing to help her start up the ideas that had taken shape in her mind; making schoolbags for the children of Tamale, and thus, ‘Tuma Viela’ became a fact, from dream to reality!

This dedication to the environment and love for the people of Ghana also led her to set up her second project, the New Cooking Bag.